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Back To School in Sleeptember

September marks the start of our annual campaign, #Sleeptember. The theme for this year is ‘sleep education’ with our #knowyoursleep campaign. If you want to improve your sleep or understand why it is important to get a good night’s sleep, then celebrate it with us! We want to teach people to really #KnowYourSleep.

So let us ask you a question – what does sleep look like to you? That’s something we will be exploring this month. The charity has worked hard to create free resources for all with the launch of downloadable eBook, Welcome to the World of Sleep, Children’s sleep eBook, plus the You and Your Sleep, Teen Sleep eBook where you can find all information to help you get a better night’s sleep all in one place.

With #Sleeptember approaching, what a better time to start making sure we’re sleeping well than just before returning to school. It can always be difficult getting back into a good routine when you can no longer sleep in or stay up late.

Sleep routines can often slip during summer holidays, and it’s important to make plans to get your sleep patterns back on track before term time starts again.

Said Vicki Beevers, CEO of The Sleep Charity: “Summer holidays are a fun and exciting time, but they can also disrupt bedtimes. During the break it’s tempting to allow youngsters to sleep in later, however it’s important that they get into a routine before they go back to school.

“Sleep isn’t taken seriously enough by most people. If youngsters were getting less food than they needed to function well, people would be horrified. But when it comes to sleep, we seem as a nation to be very accepting of sleep deprivation – which can have serious consequences for mental, physical and emotional health.”

To help get your sleep back on track, we have created a list to help you be fully prepared for the first day back!

Start the day right – Make sure you start the day with a healthy breakfast to help give you energy to wake up.

Set wake up/bedtime – keeping to a consistent wake and sleep time will help ensure you get enough sleep to get on with your daily feeling fresh!

Be organised – getting yourself ready the night before means you can go to bed with less on your mind, so you can truly relax.

Put phones away – stop using electronic devices an hour before bed, the blue light they emit reduces the production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep).

Talk to others – having conversations with friends and family can help relieve stresses, help you stay organised, and reassure you.

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