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Sleeping In The Winter

Winter can be a time of festivity, joy, and excitement, but it can also bring its difficulties. We know how difficult it can be to fall asleep when it’s cold, raining, and icy, but don’t worry because we have you covered (no pun intended). There are a range of reasons why sleeping can be difficult this time of year. Common causes can be seasonal blues, a drop in temperature, or even the evening’s becoming darker. Whatever the reason, there’s always a solution!

According to one survey, around half (49%) of the population suffers sleepless nights because of the cold. Here’s how to warm yourself up:

  • Wear night clothes, such as PJs, comfy clothes, or a large T-shirt to keep you warm. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials.
  • Put on a pair of soft bed socks to keep those toes warm. The extra layer under the covers can help improve circulation in your extremities (a limb of the body, such as the arm or leg), which can help you fall asleep faster.
  • Have a warm (not hot!) bath just before bed to warm you up, and also make you sleepy.
  • Have a warm milky drink – avoid tea and coffee.
  • Try to exercise, but not too close to bedtime, which will get the circulation going and help to keep you warm.

Another way to improve your winter sleep is to keep your bedroom and environment perfect for this time of the year!

  • Keep your bedroom warm, but not too hot, and free from draughts. Ideally, you want your room between 16-18 degree Celsius.
  • Avoid having a saggy bed! It may start as nice and warm, but it can be very uncomfortable when you are sleeping in a bed that isn’t giving the correct support.
  • Look for a mattress that has a thicker side for use during the winter. The soft sleeping surface is a better insulator than a flat one. Use a fleecy underblanket to retain heat and stay snuggly.
  • Choose a duvet with a high tog rating or use several layers of bedding rather than one single layer. The layer will trap warm air and are easily removed if you get too hot.
  • It may sound obvious but using a water bottle is still one of the most effective ways to keep warm once in bed. Make sure it has a cover to avoid the risk of scalding, but it also won’t feel cold during the night.
  • Electric blankets or duvets are ideal and a great way of adding extra heat to your bed and contain a constant temperature throughout the night – but make sure to ask whoever pays the bills first!

Whatever winter throws at us this year, we know how to get a great night’s sleep no matter the weather!

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