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Problem Sleeping? Call our National Sleep Helpline

If you’re struggling with your sleep but don’t want to confide in your parents or even your friends, then help is now just a phone call away.

Our new National Sleep Helpline is now open for you to chat directly with one of our trained sleep advisors who will offer confidential advice around any sleep issues you may have. By seeking support early, it can stop any niggling sleep issues from getting worse or if you’ve been suffering for a while, we can explain what is happening, why it is and what we can do to help things get better.

It’s not always easy to pick up the phone and tell someone you’re having difficulties with sleep, but our helpline is confidential (unless we think there is harm to you or someone else). There is no pressure from us and we promise that we will offer you a safe space to talk and not make you feel embarrassed or silly – we just want to help.

Being a teenager and dealing with the changes in sleep that happen in adolescence is tough but we will discuss with you what sleep problems you’re experiencing and then provide some helpful tips and advice. If we feel other people or organisations could help you better, we will tell you who to call for further support.

There are around 40% of people suffering with sleep issues at any given point, so you are not alone. Lack of sleep affects mental health, school performance and attendance and can lead to substance misuse.

The helpline is also available to parents who may be concerned about their teen’s sleep habits too and the impact it is having on mood, behaviour and school.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what normal teenage sleep habits look like or if there is something more troublesome going on. Our advisors will listen without judgement, assess if there is an issue and provide evidence-based sleep information.

The helpline is open between 7pm and 9pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and then 9am until 11am on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Helpline number 03303 530 541


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Problem Sleeping?

Call our National Sleep Helpline, open between 7pm and 9pm five days a week, Sunday to Thursday.

03303 530 541