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Guest blog by Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP

Sleep is something that you don’t normally think about as a factor of anything, sometimes, we definitely know that we aren’t getting enough sleep and sometimes, we definitely know that we’ve overslept.

I wanted to get involved with The Sleep Charity’s Teen Sleep Hub because it is super important for young people to get access to the correct resources they need to ensure they get that good night’s sleep – and sure, you will never get it that perfect night, but if you take the first few steps in the right direction, with the help of our ebook and resources, you will become more aware of the different factors that play into ensuring you have a peaceful night.

Having worked on this project, it has definitely widened my knowledge of sleep and any factors that contribute towards why I may not get a good night’s sleep that night (maybe because I spend too much time on Netflix!) so I do encourage any young person struggling to sleep properly to check out the brilliant resources on our website that have been created. 

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